U.S. Airways and American Airlines are set to merge -- which would make them the largest airline in the world.

Don't expect anything significant for at least another year. Both U.S. Air and American will continue to operate as separate carriers.

Travel expert Mark Murphy says U.S. Airways and American Airlines are going to have problems when they start merging combined flights, just like when United merged with Continental.

"That's the gonna be the biggest issue post the DOJ ruling, and the bankruptcy court ruling. And then they've got to integrate systems. That's gonna be the challenge. And you saw with the states, they've now put in that over the next five years, they're guaranteeing not to remove any of those hubs,"

Of course, some of those hubs have to be given up per the agreement with the DOJ.

As for fare hikes, those are likely to be caused by increased fuel prices rather than the company looking to put the squeeze on customers.