Fifty dogs at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Old Sacramento are flying to a new home in Idaho today.

The Front Street shelter receives 20 to 40 dogs a day -- up to 10,000 a year.

But they can't always find homes for them. Sadly, 85 percent of the dogs that come in are never reclaimed with their owners.

The Front Street Shelter refuses to euthanize, so they've partnered with Wings of Rescue and Idaho Humane. Fifty pooches are taking the two-hour flight today to the no-kill shelter in Idaho.

Photo: Bobby Main/Front Street Animal Shelter

Precious the dog is ready to head to the airport. 

Photo by Jane Almon/Front Street Animal Shelter

Precious, a 13 year old lab was flown by Wings of Rescue to Washington this week to live out her life. The Front Street Shelter has made great strides in preserving the sanctity of companion animals in Sacramento by implementing creative programs and unique partnerships.