The San Francisco 49ers hope to return to the Super Bowl again this year but if they're going to get there, they'll have to start by overcoming not only the Green Bay Packers but mother nature.

The forecast for Sunday's game at Lambeau Field says temperatures will struggle to reach the single digits, and wind chills will be well below zero.

Reporter Aaron Sims, who's covered Wisconsin sports for almost 20 years, says finding success in such conditions often comes down to mental toughness.

"You just have to have a mind over matter thing and go out there and play because it's not 45 degrees for one team and -45 for the other, it's the same for both clubs," Simms said.

The common thought is that since the Packers are used to playing in colder weather that gives them an advantage.

"I don't know that it necessarily does.  I think the fans have that belief, but these guys came from Florida or Texas or wherever they were drafted from and then to have this potentially be the coldest game ever, that's going to wear on anybody.  I don't know that you ever get used to it," opined Simms.

Working in the 49ers favor: the Packers are 3-4 at Lambeau Field when the temperature at kickoff is six degrees or lower.

AUDIO: Mike Simpson interviews UC Davis Sports Psychologist Professor Paul Salitsky Regarding Lambeau Cold

Another oddity (which many are blaming on the weather) is that tickets for the game weren't sold out until a corporation bought out some 5,000 that were left.

"If you watch the average fan I think they get more out of it watching it on their HDTV than they do being at the game and suffering in the cold," Simms said.

Sunday's temperatures in Green Bay could fall further than the thirteen below of the famous 1967 Ice Bowl.