A third garage fire in Orangvale in less than two weeks had Metro Fire crews in action early this morning.

The well-involved garage fire had spread to the attic of a home on Blythe Avenue by the time crews arrived at 5:30am,

Captain Chris Quinn said a double-layered roof made fighting the blaze unusually challenging:

"Initial roofing material was a wood product, and then metal over that.  So it takes a little bit of time to get that metal type roofing off to get to the portions where there was hidden fire in the attic."

Crews were able to contain the blaze to the garage and attic space, saving about $150,000 worth of property.

With recent garage fires on the 22nd and 30th, the natural inclination is to wonder if the three are connected.

"At this point I would say absolutely not.  We have a rather large jurisdiction and there are frequently fires of different types within that jurisdiction," said Quinn. 

The captain continued to say that if there were a specific threat, Metro Fire would get the word out.  

For now, he said, that's simply not the case.