Roseville Police are speaking out about the 27 arrests they've made in connection to Sammy Duran, the gang suspect in last month's shootings and standoff. Spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther says Duran's family members and friends had descended on the neighborhood and were intimidating witnesses, 

"We noted some the day of, and just as we investigated further we saw that there was an increased level of gang activity going on," said Gunther.

She said the suspects also face charges of drug possession, weapons violations and child endangerment.  Some family members say they're being unfairly targeted. Most of those arrested were members of the Surenos Gang.


Authorities have made a big sweep of known gang members stemming from the arrest of the man who allegedly shot cops and caused mayhem in Roseville last month.

A gang sweep netted nearly 30 arrests, all people connected to Samuel Duran, the Roseville gang member who shot a number police officers and held authories at bay for more than nine hours back in October.

Among those arrested, Duran's brother Antonio and cousin Alexis Sandoval. Duran's sister, Catarina Rodriguez, tells News10 they're being singled out:

"I think the Roseville Police Department is taking this way out of control and blowing it way out of proportion, just because we are related to Sam Duran," Rodriguez said. 

Most of those arrested have gang affiliation with the Surenos, of which Duran is a validated member.

Those in custody are facing wide ranging charges from witness tampering and intimidation to narcotics trafficking to weapons violations.

The arrests took place across three counties.

Pictured above: Antonio Benito Duran, 33, was arrested on suspicion of participating in a criminal street gang, threatening or dissuading victims and witnesses, being an accessory to a felony, conspiracy, possession of an illegal weapon (a billy club) and possessing drug paraphernalia. (From Roseville police)