CALIFORNIA- Daniel Berlant with CalFire says we've seen a 50 percent increase in fire activity so far this year.
Cal Fire has already responded to 4,200 wildfires, in a typical year they would respond to just under 2,800 fires. Berlant says one of the main causes has been people using the wrong tools at the wrong time, for instance, a lawnmower. He says "a lawnmower is designed for green grass, not dry grass fields. That metal blade can strike a rock and easily spark a fire." 
Seventy-one-thousand acres have burned so far and Berlant fears those numbers will continue to climb. He says we're right now moving into the peak fire season and as we move into August our fire potential for most on Northern California will be above normal. Berlant says one of the best ways we can avoid wildfires is for everyone to pay a little more attention when they're dealing with an open flame or anything that can cause a spark.