Photo Courtesy Qualcomm

Who is Paul Jacobs?

The Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm and his family are said to be the lastest investors in the effort to keep the Sacramento Kings in town.

Paul Jacobs is one of four sons born to billionaire Irwin Jacobs-- the elder Jacobs a founder and one-time C.E.O. of Qualcomm.  All four Jacobs brothers have worked for the company at one time, but Paul and brother Jeff are the only two to currently work for the electronics giant.

Paul Jacobs is also a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a PhD in electrical engineering.

Ironically, Jacobs was on stage side by side with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Ballmer is part of the investment team from Seattle trying to buy the Kings and move the team to that city.  Microsoft is also a customer of Qualcomm.