STOCKTON -- Students in a Central Valley school district are protesting a policy that they say violates their constitutional rights in the name of safety.

To play sports or join a school club in the Lodi Unified School District, your student will have to sign an agreement promising not to use social media for bullying or illegal activities. Students told News 10 the policy tramples on their First Amendment rights.

"We're still American citizens. We're entitled to the First Amendment right of free speech," one student said.

The main complaint from the students was that the policy was too vague. And journalism teacher Kathi Duffel agrees with the students.

"It's just so overreaching and broad that it's stunning in its ignorance," she said.

Bear Creek Principle Bill Atterberry insists the policy is for the students' protection. He said that as long as the rule is board policy he will make sure it is enforced.

Students suggested that they will take their protest to the school board.

You can see photos of the protest.