SACRAMENTO -- A major sting operation from the Contractors State License Board this week ended with the arrest of 79 people, including 11 in Sacramento.

Posing as a couple of homeowners, members of the Contractors State License Board targeted unlicensed contractors found on sites such as Craigslist.

Contractors were asked to come out and give bids for projects such as concrete pouring and landscaping, Tom O'Hair with the State License Board he said. If the bid is more than $500 for labor and materials, the unlicensed contractors are breaking the law.

O'Hair said they arrested 11 unlicensed contractors, and some of them had drugs on them -- others had arrest warrants.

Licensed contractors are supposed to list their license number in their ads, and when they don't, that's a big tip-off, O'Hair said.

"Homeowners need to understand that hiring an unlicensed person is a real gamble -- you know, it's a real risk," he said.

It's very easy to check to see whether or not a contractor is licensed, just visit the Contractors State License Board here

Watch a video of the sting:

Video Courtesy of Contractors State License Board