SACRAMENTO -- You may be seeing smoke in the sky but it's not from any fires in the Sacramento Area.

Most of that smoke is actually coming from Oregon where there are multiple fires burning in the state.

Laurie Kobza with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District says that the winds are blowing the smoke south right through the valley which acts like a funnel.

"We're kind of like the bathtub drain," Kobza said.

Some of the smoke is also coming up from the Aspen Fire near Fresno.

Kobza says that because of the wind we won't be seeing clear air soon.

"We're still expecting particulate matter, as well as ozone, to be in the moderate range for a few days," she said.

Kobza says this smoke shouldn't affect most people, but those with asthma and other sensitive groups should take precautions. The particulates are expected to increase before the air gets better.