The name of Sacramento's new pro soccer team has been unveiled -- they are the Sacramento Republic FC. It came during a soccer match at Raley Field last night. It's symbol was also revealed:

The Sacramento Republic said in developing a name and brand for Sacramento's new team, it was important to empower the community because soccer is the people's sport.

1 - FC in the name stands for football. Across the world, soccer is referred to as football and the team its  club. A football club -- FC.

2 - The star in the team's symbol recognizes the team's location in California's capital.

3 - The crest symbolizes those engaged in battle.

4 - The bear is inspired by the official state animal of California.

5 - This is interesting. Sacramento's motto is Urbs Indomita. The translation is "The Indominatable City -- a name associated with Sacramento since its infancy as it battled fire, floods and disease.