SACRAMENTO -- A nationwide FBI operation targeting underage prostitution has freed more than 100 children over the weekend.

The FBI's Gina Swankie says Sacramento's division recovered two children in "Operation Cross Country" and arrested each of their pimps.

"Being able to get two teenagers off the streets and into a safe environment is definitely what our intent is," Swankie said.

One hundred and five teens were located in a total of 76 US cities, and 150 pimps were arrested.

"Any time we can remove an adult that is exploiting a child from our area it means that there's less of an impact and less of the ability for them to victimize others," Swankie said.

San Francisco agents recovered a nationwide high of 12 children over the weekend while arresting 17 pimps.   

Julie Sohn of the FBI said that the sting in the Bay Area was targeted around a sporting event.

Sohn feels that the sting was a success, she said.

"If we rescue one child that's successful -- to get that one teen back home to their parents," she said.

To date, the Sacramento Division has recovered a total of 39 juveniles and arrested 66 adults in relation to trafficking of the juveniles this year in the 34 counties the Sacramento Field Office serves, Swankie said. 

Check out video from the operation.