SACRAMENTO -- Police are stepping up patrols in Midtown after a series of armed robberies over the weekend.

There were five armed robberies over the past weekend in Midtown Sacramento. Two were early Saturday morning near 27th and E Streets and three more were early yesterday, between 16th and 18th and O and R streets. The victims, were forced to hand over their wallets at gunpoint.

The subjects all have similar descriptions, Michelle Gigante with the Sacramento Police Department.

Gigante says they could be dealing with the same two men in all five of the crimes.

"And a couple of them, it sounded like the suspects came up from behind. They've been brandishing a firearm. There have not been any shots," she said.

They're described as 18- to 21-year-old black males wearing dark sweatshirts. Investigators went door to door today, looking for any surveillance footage.

"Investigators are delving into the incidents. They're checking into surveilance tapes, canvassing the neighborhoods and witnesses. And we're asking for the public's help, as well," Gigante said.