For the 16th straight season, Forbes is ranking the New York Yankees as the most valuable Major League Baseball franchise.  The Yankees are worth two-point-three-billion-dollars, a 24-percent increase from last season.  The average MLB franchise is valued at 744-million-dollars, a 23-percent jump from last year.  The Los Angeles Dodgers are second at just over one-point-six-billion, while the Boston Red Sox are third at more than one-point-three-billion.

The Chicago Cubs rank fourth at one-billion-dollars and the Philadelphia Phillies are fifth at 893-million.  The Mets, San Francisco Giants, Rangers, Angels and Cardinals round out the top-10.  The Oakland Athletics saw the biggest jump in value at 46-percent, but still rank 28th out of 30 teams at 468-million.  Despite a 40-percent increase, the Tampa Bay Rays are at the bottom of the list with an estimated value of 451-million.