SACRAMENTO -- While many are buzzing about comments Pope Francis made regarding homosexuality over the weekend, a local Church leader says they're not the biggest story of his visit with journalists.

The Catholic Church's new leader addressed a number of hot-button topics in an 80-minute visit with journalists. He even defended the gay community from discrimination.

But, Sacramento Monsignor Jim Murphy says the Pope was merely re-affirming Church teachings.

"Homosexual acts are wrong, they're sinful, but the state of homosexuality is not. I mean, people who are in that state do not choose it. And the discrimination against gays is wrong," Murphy said.

Monsignor Murphy is more impressed with the fact that Pope Francis gave an 80-minute press conference, and spoke frankly and directly on a variety of issues.

"I think it's marvelous," Murphy said.

He believes it will clear up misunderstandings regarding the Church's message.

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