SACRAMENTO -- It's not Hollywood -- it's real life. Sacramento Police Department's CSI Unit is cracking cases daily, but maybe not in the way you'd expect.

A couple of dozen crime scene investigators are based in what looks like an every day office, not a flashy lab. Most of their time, is spent going mobile with everything they need.

Mouth swabs and trajectory rods, which are used at the scene of shootings, are some of the things investigators have handy.

And old fashioned fingerprint kits.

Eric's been in the unit a year now and says the "bread and butter" are break-ins.

He's prepared for anything though, you may recognize the blue light, used for picking up anything biological.

"Maybe you could compare that to what you see on the TV shows," he said.

They're used most frequently on the scene of a sexual assault, Eric said.

Investigators also carry gun shot residue kits, fingernail scrapings kits and DNA swabs. All tools of the trade kept inside mobile units.

What you can't compare is the pace -- he's on about 10 calls a day.