FOLSOM, Calif. -- Folsom Police officers are targeting pedestrian-related violations this summer in an effort to make people comfortable walking to locations without being an accident victim.

Officer Andrew Bates says the department is focusing on getting drivers to modify behavior and making the environment safer for pedestrians.

Folsom Police are hoping they won't have to issue tickets, Bates said. However, they are prepared to issue citations.

"We realize that some people just don't drive safely and may need a citation to be aware that this is a problem," Bates said.

Meanwhile, Officer Michele Gigante says Sacramento Police aren't specifically targeting such issues right now, but she wanted to remind those behind the wheel to yield to foot traffic in crosswalks.

"And take extra caution driving down those side streets 'cause kids could dart out onto the street," Gigante said.

Gigante also encourages city walkers to take responsibility for their own safety, she said.

"Especially in Midtown or anywhere, we just ask people to please use the crosswalks when there's crosswalks are available and still be aware of traffic around you," she said.