The pilot of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, Lee Kang-Kook, was still in training on the Boeing 777 he was flying to San Francisco Saturday. In the aftermath of the plane's crash landing, his lack of experience on that aircraft is being questioned. But should it be?

Aviation Expert Jay Ratliff says, while it was the just the 10th time Kang-kook flew a 777, he was already the captain of a Boeing 747 for years, so he as used to flying larger jets.

And that leads Ratliff to believe the pilot's lack of experience on this particular aircraft isn't the issue, he said. The basic principles are pretty much the same. And one of those principles is adequate airspace.

Kang-kook was fully licensed to fly the plane under the supervision of his partner Lee Jung-min who has more than 3,000 hours on the 777 alone.  Kang-Kook has over 9,000 hours on other aircrafts, but just 43 on the Boeing 777.

That's not uncommon, Ratliff said. Many fully licensed veteran pilots are training on aircrafts they haven't flown before.

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