The body of a newborn infant was found in a Roseville Park, and police are trying to find out what happened to the child.

Police Sergeant Darren DeFreece is asking for the public's help in this case.

A work crew made the gruesome discovery at Saugstad Park this morning, when they found the newborn's body hidden in the bushes off a bike trail.

"At some point, somebody's gonna have a question about why somebody was pregnant one day and not pregnant the next," he said.

DeFreece is asking for the mother of the infant to come forward, he said.  

The police department has few clues in this case, DeFreece said. Without any eyewitnesses, this case will become a forensics case, and DNA testing will be conducted.

DeFreece wants everybody to know a number Roseville public buildings, including fire stations, are safe surrender site. Any mother who can't care for a newborn can surrender their newborn, no questions asked.

If you have any information on this case, you are encouraged to call the Roseville Police Department at (916) 774-5000