One of the three teenage victims of Asiana Flight 214 was killed by an emergency response vehicle, not the impact of the crash at San Francisco International Airport on July 6th.

Ye-Meng Yuan suffered "multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle," San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault said.

Meng was still alive when she was hit, Foucrault said. An investigation shows that her body was found in an area covered in fire supresion foam. Investigators do not know yet if Meng was standing or laying down when she was hit.

San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White is apologizing for the death of a plane crash victim who was run over by an emergency vehicle. 

Hayes-White said the entire department is saddened by the incident, and that crews are in the business of saving lives, not taking them. 

Three people died and dozens were injured in the crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777.