SACRAMENTO -- Eighty-two retired Methodist ministers have signed a covenant to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies in California and Nevada.

The Reverend Don Fado, former pastor of St. Mark's in Sacramento says the Methodist rule book, Discipline, contradicts itself on the subject of gay marriage.

"We have a law that says that we are not to reject gay or lesbian members and friends. And at the same time, in the same paragraph, it says they cannot have any ceremony celebrating their marriage or holy union by our clergy or on our church property,"  Fado said.

Therefore, Reverend Fado says, its not a matter of "shall we break a church law" but "which law?" 

"To say 'I cannot do it' because that other person happens to be the same gender, is a violation of my vows," Fado said.

So, in obedience to the rule calling for acceptance and civil rights for all, the Ministers say they'll perform marriage ceremonies for people regardless of sexual orientation.