It's tough picking out gifts for everyone on your list so hopefully this compendium* of goodies will help. And if you feel so inclined to be extra giving this season...I'm a 42 long.

Merry Holidays!

-Eddie the Web Guy
*19 point word in Scrabble or Words With Friends

Super Mario Wall Decals

Are you buying a gift for a geek with a man cave or possibly a 26-year-old child who hasn't moved out of the house? Give them video game wonderland!

Hoodie of Armor

Let's face it, we're all just wannabe warriors. However, no knight wants to catch cold. This could be the perfect gift.

Hops Holster

'Ever been engaged in a epic battle of man/woman vs party and run out of beer? Yeah. Me too. This would be the perfect gift for the lush beer connoisseur

"Best Wishes" Key

When road rage is an issue don't get brutish, simply display your "best wishes" key to the offending party. This is truly the gift that keeps giving.

Be James Bond for $1,570

Are you an independently wealthy lady who wants your man to be 007? I didn't think so. But if you did, here is a complete James Bond setup for a measly $1,570 price tag.

Semi-Automatic Drill

Renew the guy in your life's man card. This drill will do it. Ya know, cuz it's like a gun.

Beer Tasting Tool Kit

Do you know someone who needs a legitimate reason to get trashed? Perhaps this beer tasting kit can be just that reason.

Glow in the Dark Crowbar

Tired of loved ones losing tools inches away from speeding multi-ton vehicles? It might be time to purchase them one of these.

Shark Sleeping Bag

What is more charming than a visual of a loved one being eaten by a shark? Answer: nothing.

iPhone Video Projector

A full movie experience right from your phone. Sticky floors not included.

Android Smart Watch

Want a friend to be a cross between the Revenge of the Nerds and James Bond? Get 'em this.

Bacon Flavored Popcorn

Have one of those friends that doesn't miss a chance to let you know they are a Bacon Guy/Girl? Get them this...maybe it will shut them up. No just kidding...but it might.

Batman Snuggie

Have a friend that thinks Snuggies are too dorky? Then make it more geeky with Batman!

Mustache Pacifier

The little one unable to participate in Movemeber[def]?  This should help.

Markerboard Paint

For goodness sake, let the little one write all the **** over the walls without getting ****** off! Sorry, I lost control of my language for a second.

Angry Knife Holder

Got an angry friend that need to store knives? Nuff said.