MetroPCS Phoneline

Ever wonder where the calls that you hear on JACK-FM come from? I'll tell ya. They come from an elite group of people with the ambition to remember a seven-digit number, then dial it. Basically, the people who make America great and allow us to keep more professional, less interesting voices off the air. 

So what are you waiting for? Shy? Don't be. Have you heard Eddie the Web Guy's voice?  Drunk dial us, give our number to that person you met downtown, oh and if you can work "MetroPCS" in that'd be great. They help keep this ship afloat. 

Here are some Jackheads who gave us a ring:

Ok, now you know what good calls sound like. Eddie finds out how what you probably should NOT do when calling the JACK-FM MetroPCS Phoneline.

Now you try. Here' the number:

(916) 929-9370

generously funding JACK-FM's dumpy little answering machine.